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"The alternative to dog boarding and kennels"

Chuck Elmes - Pet Camp Director Director
All activities are under the personal supervision of Chuck Elmes, our Pet Camp Director. Dogs have always been a part of his life from the time he grew up on a plantation in south Georgia. He lives right on the property, as do the other pet counselors.

We have redesigned part of our horse barn where it is cool in the summer and heated in the winter. The rooms were big enough for a horse; so there is plenty of room for your dog(s). All rooms have a window and cement floors with a large bed(s). We specialize in "Long-Term Care" and Visits. Click here to view images of the accommodations.

We feed Pedigree dog food and have both dry and canned, however, we will be glad to feed your own feed if you wish, to bring it along. Dogs can be fed according to your schedule at home. We will gladly give medication to your dog.

Medical Services
In the event your pet becomes ill, we have vets on call and will take them to the vet.

Depending upon your dog, we encourage group activities, and they are taken out 5 times a day or more often depending upon the weather. We play with them, allow them to swim, and go for runs.

The new wash area is complete with sinks, dryers, tile floor, hot and cold water, and tables to dry the dog on. If you do want your dog bathed, please contact my secretary when making the reservation and let her know that. Also if you are picking up your dog(s) that are to be bathed, we will need to know as close as possible the time you will arrive for pick up. We want to have your dog(s) washed, dried, and all ready for you, but we do not want to start so early so as to prevent your dog(s) from getting his/her, or their play time.

Transportation is available from New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and points in-between. We Pick and drop off on Mondays and Friday sometime between 10 A.M. to 1 P.M., and if either day is a holiday, then it will be either the prior day or day after.

dog boarding and kennel
Chuck Elmes on his four-wheeler playing with a group of dogs during "Playtime" .
Who is having more fun??

The alternative to dog boarding and kennels. Serving Orange County, Rockland County, Westchester County, Northern New Jersey and New York City.

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