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Two New Additions at The Pet Camp:

#1 Improvement-Gates & Fencing
We have fenced in the entire property around the house, barns and the racetrack which encompasses about 18 acres. To enter the property now, you must stop at the front gates, open the red box on the end of the black post, and push the black button once, and after a very short delay the gates will open toward Bart Bull Road. After you enter the gates will close automatically after a short time. To leave, you will go through the same process. This is something we have wanted to do for some time, and it is finally done after installing almost 5,000 feet of fencing and our new gates from "Amazing Gates". If you wish, you may open the aerial photo of the property that is now fenced.

#2 Improvement-Wash Area for Bathing the Dogs
We have finished the wash area complete with sinks, dryers, tile floor, hot and cold water, and tables to dry the dog on. If you do want your dog bathed, please contact my secretary when making the reservation and let her know that. Also if you are picking up your dog(s) that are to be bathed, we will need to know as close as possible the time you will arrive for pick up. We want to have your dog(s) washed, dried, and all ready for you, but we do not want to start so early so as to prevent your dog(s) from getting his/her, or their play time.

The charges for bathing are as follows:

Very Large dog $50.00 / $54.06
Large Dog with long hair $40.00 / $43.25
Large Dog with short hair $35.00 / $37.84
Small Dog with long hair $30.00 / $32.43
Small Dog with short hair    $25.00 / $27.03
As always, we have to charge NYS Sales tax which is 8.125%

Note: These prices could change as we see how it goes with the costs-Labor, hot water, shampoo, conditioner, clean-up, etc. We feel they are reasonable after trying it on several dogs, my own dog, "Mel", who is a large Flat-coated Retriever, and "Rock", one of our permanent residents who is a large Jack Russell, and others.

The alternative to dog boarding and kennels. Serving Orange County, Rockland County, Westchester County, Northern New Jersey and New York City.

The Pet Camp, Inc.
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