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Where do dogs stay at night? They have their own room which is about 10 feet by 10 feet The rooms used to be horse stalls, but they have cement floors, wooden walls, a window, and there is a 4 foot square wooden bed in each stall, and we ask that you please send a blanket or cushion to put on the bed. This gives them something comfortable to sleep on and a smell from home. If you have more than one dog, they may stay together, but we do not put dogs together that come from different households Click here to view images of the accommodations.

What time do they go out in the morning? They go out in the winter around 7:30 for a short walk, and then they are out as the stalls are being cleaned a little later. Then they are taken out off and on all afternoon from 11 A.M. to about 6 P.M. in the winter and later in the summer.

Is the kennel heated? Yes, all the kennels are heated, and we make sure dogs that have short hair are kept especially warm. When they are out during the day, if we see that they are getting cold, then we take them in where it is warm, but honestly most dogs are out running around and seem to like it outside. In the winter they go out for shorter durations to make sure they do not get too cold. In the summer the barns stay cool, and we have fans in the stall windows. Also, the dogs are allowed to go swimming, and we try to watch that they do not get overheated. If your dog has any special problems with hot or cold, please make us aware of that condition so that we can keep a special eye on them.

Is Your Property Fenced? Yes, this past spring we fenced in 18 acres around the barns and the racetrack so that the dogs have a huge grassed area to run (see the photos) and a pond in which to swim. We also have a separate corral that is fenced with about a 1,000 foot perimeter so that we can separate out any dogs if necessary. In order to enter the property where we keep the dogs you need to go through our electronically controlled gates. People have asked if the fence is high enough to keep the dogs in. We have not had any dogs climb the fence trying to get out.

What About Aggressive dogs? We do not take them. From past experience we do not take Akitas because they can be very friendly but are too unpredictable. If a new dog comes that does not get along with the other dogs, then they are not allowed to return to The Pet Camp. Amazingly, fights among the dogs are really the smallest of problems. Big dogs, little dogs all seem to get along well and find their own friends or just enjoy attention from the person who is out with them. A dog may be aggressive when they are with you, but that may be to protect you. Here they just all seem to want to play, run, and have fun.

Do You have a Vet on Call? If it becomes necessary for any reason, we use our Vet, Montgomery Vet Clinic, of if your Vet is close by and open, we will take your dog there, and if all Vets are closed, there is the Orange County Animal Emergency Clinic very close by on Route 211 in Middletown. They are open whenever the other Vets are closed. We will go there. You need to make us aware of any medical history about your dog. If you fail to do this, it makes it difficult for us to know what is going on if there is a problem. We try our best to watch the dogs and see how they are acting, and if they seem to be doing anything abnormal, then we will take them to the Vet. You will be responsible for any Vet charges when you pick up your dog.

Transportation - We pick up dogs in NYC (Manhattan), Brooklyn, Queens, and points that are on the way back and forth as long as they are close to our route. For Manhattan and points north of 60th street the charge is $60.00 plus tax each way, 60th St. and below to the tip of Manhattan it is $70.00 plus tax each way, Brooklyn it is $80.00 plus tax each way, and Queens is $90.00 plus tax each way. This is the price for one dog only

We do not go to Long Island or Westchester, but we will meet someone from Westchester right off the Thruway at the exit just before you go over the Tappan Zee Bridge. There is a diner right there across from a hotel on Route 9. If it is in Westchester along our route, then we will stop there.

Vaccinations -We require that all dogs have all the normal vaccinations and including the Bordatella. If any vaccination needs to be given prior to arrival, it must be done 10 days to two weeks prior to arrival. We have a requirement that you do not take your dog to a Vet, a Daycare, or Groomer within a week prior to coming to The Pet Camp. We do not want your dog picking up any contagious diseases before arriving. We need proof of all shots when you drop off your dog. Do we require Lyme vaccination? No, but it is not a bad idea. Should you apply Frontline or other tick and flea preventative? Yes, we feel this is a good idea and should be done within the week prior to arriving at camp. We recommend Advantix because Advantix keeps fleas and ticks off the dog as well as killing them if they do get on your dog.

Please Note: There is now a vaccination available to protect your dog against the dog virus (flu) that has been around for the past few years. It is not required, but we recommend that you have your dog vaccinated for the Dog Flu.

Do you administer medications? Yes, as long as it is a reasonable request. If you want us to give 10 to 15 different pills several times a day, this we feel is unreasonable, and we really do not want to have a dog here that is on this type of medication or supplements. Normal medication is perfectly fine, and there is an extra charge for administering any pills or supplements of any kind. There is an additional charge of $1.50/dog/night to administer medications and supplements.

Can Dogs Stay Together? Yes, most certainly they can and it is less expensive, but they have to be from the same household, not neighboring dogs, friend's dogs, but yours.

How Often Do The Dogs Go Out? The dogs while at The Pet Camp are probably going to get more exercise than when they are at home. they go out early in the morning, when we are cleaning the rooms in the A.M., and then they all start going out in groups for playtime at 11 A.M., and they will be out until dark rotating in the groups. We try to be careful to make sure they do not get too much exercise or get too hot or too cold. Each dog is different, and we try to gauge the exercise and time outside to the dog(s).

Is there and Extra Charge for Playtime outside? No, that is included in the daily rate.

Why do you have a requirement that a dog not be allowed to go to a Vet, Groomer, Daycare, and should be kept away from a dog park at least one week prior to arrival at The Pet Camp? These are the places where dogs may come into contact with other dogs that may be sick or carrying an infectious disease. With the discovery of a new dog virus and outbreak in 2005 we want to be very careful to make sure a sick or infected dog does not come to The Pet Camp. For us this requirement is extremely important.

Do you Bathe the dogs? Yes, we have added bathing facilities, and we will bathe your dog(s). The price depends upon size, weight, and length of hair, and the charges range from $20.00 to $50.00 each.

Visiting the Pet Camp? Yes, we encourage you to visit The Pet Camp. We have visiting hours each day by appointment only from the hours of 9 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. We ask that you call and set up a time to visit-Call 845-692-2922 Monday through Friday morning from 9 A.M. to Noon when my Secretary is in the office and able to set up an appointment and answer your questions. After setting a time for an appointment, we ask that you call 15 minutes ahead on the day you are coming so that we may put the dogs away or into the corral. We do not want dogs outside when you are here because we do not want them to scratch your car or jump on you. This is very important! Call this number 15 minutes ahead-914-489-2332. Do Not Just Show Up!

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